Moon mysteries

From the enimga of its very creation to peculiar rock formations, many mysteries surround the Moon, Earth’s giant natural satellite. So pictures of the moon never get old. Here’s one picture of the moon when it starts to be overshadowed by Earth’s shape occurred during a lunar eclipse in 2019. Rediscovered Astronomy

Space X Starship 9 Explodes During Test Flight

Space X Flight Test on February 2, 2021 at Boca Chica, Texas Spaceship Starship 9 of the Space X company exploded today during a test flight at the company’s space port in Boca Chica, Texas near the border with Mexico. The Space X team was carrying out a test climb to 10 km and testing…
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Ice Age Killer

Scientists have been wondering what caused the end of the last Ice Age. Impact crater found in Greenland. Is this the last Ice Age killer? Video and still: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Jefferson Beck There are at least a couple of peered-reviewed theories that have shed light into the end of the last Ice Age.…
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2017 Solar Eclipse USA

Total Solar Eclipse USA August 21, 2017   It is two weeks before the Total Solar Eclipse event of the year here in the United States. The totality will happen around noon on August 21, 2017. Where are you going to be? The following animations and charts detail the path of the eclipse and where…
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Mars With Clouds

Planet Mars with clouds Animation   Everyone seems obsessed with Mars and how to get us there these days. How would the Red Planet look if it had clouds? Well, recently the Hubble Space Telescope team released a photograph of Mars with clouds. The image showed Mars in a more Earthly fashion than we have…
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Moon + Venus In October Sky

The Moon and Venus in the October sky This week we see Venus in the western sky in apparent proximity to Luna on October the 3rd. Later in the week, on October 5th, the Moon will move to appear close to Saturn in the west. Here’s how it looked on October the 3rd. Photos: J.J.…
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