Rediscovered Astronomy Podcast Episode 1

Rediscovered Astronomy Podcast Episode 1

The Search for Planet X

Planet x artist

The search for a massive planet, from 2 – 10 Earth masses, has never stopped. The discovery of Sedna and later of Eris by Michael Brown and his team, not only would prompt the redefinition of what a planet is, but it would also be a key factor in the search for Planet X.

The discovery of 2012 VP113 in early 2014 by Scott Sheppard and Chad Trujillo supports and extends the current theories that propose the presence of another planet in the outer Solar System. 2012 VP113 [nicknamed Biden] lies at 80 Astronomical Units perihelion and 445 Astronomical Units aphelion.

Written by J.J. Del Mar for Rediscovered Astronomy

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