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Solar System Animations

Rediscovered Astronomy releases animations of the planets in our solar system. Well, we are meeting our goal of releasing the animations of the planets in our solar system three months ahead of schedule. The animations of the main 8 planets have been uploaded. We will upload animations of smaller bodies and dwarf planets later. The…
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How To Add Extra Planets To Celestia

2012 VP113 on Celestia We have been receiving questions about how to add extra planets (models) to Celestia. We listen to what our website visitors ask us, so here’s a detailed tutorial of how to add planets, comets, asteroids, etc., to Celestia. The following tutorial works for objects in our own Solar System. [The guide…
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Three X Solar Flares In Less Than 24 hours

Our sun [Sol] has released three X-type-solar flares from an active sunspot. The solar flares were X1, X2, and the most recent one of magnitude X3.2, the biggest so far in the year. It is expected that the sun rotates to face this active sunspot towards Earth. Researchers have estimated that a direct hit of…
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