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Amazing Comet Soho 2875 Survives Close Encounter With the Sun

Amazing Comet Survives Close Encounter With the Sun In a video clip from SOHO’s feed, NASA captured a near Sun’s fly-by of a comet that appeared from nowhere. At least, that is what NASA is calling it since it is a non-periodic comet. The comet is the 2875th comet that SOHO’s cameras have captured, acording…
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c/2012 S1 ISON – Approach To Mars

Comet ISON is racing towards the inner solar system. This is the comet astronomers had said back in 2012 it would become “brighter than the moon”.  October 1, 2013 is when ISON begins its close approach to Mars and from there to Earth on its first approach to our planet. We will see how the…
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Awe from Wonderers’ Insides!

I am sharing this with you from looking at a video from I think it is important since astronomers are now discovering that comets, asteroids, meteorites and the like from our own solar system can in fact carry “elements of life” as we know it on our forgotten planet Earth. As astronomers in the past were…
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