New Milky Way Galaxy Map

A new cosmic map has been released by astronomers. The new galaxy map shows the Milky Way as part of a larger system of galaxies or a supercluster called Laniakea. These superclusters of galaxies are spread throughout the universe with dark voids filling up the rest of the space.

The map was developed by a team from the University of Hawaii. Brent Tully led the study of the motions of the galaxies that surround the Milky Way. Despite the universe continous expansion, they found out that there is a force attracting most of these superclusters towards a center in the universe. The researchers named this center The Great Atractor. The team discovered galaxies travel along pathways in the universe and it is these pathways that help form the superclusters of galaxies. These superclusters neighbor each other much the same way galaxies do. Our super cluster known as Laniakea is home to the Milky Way and has its neighbor supercluster, Perseus-Pisces.


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Source: Nature, University of Hawaii