Dawn, JPL / NASA’s space probe, achieved orbit around planet Ceres this Friday, March 6, 2015 as it was programmed. The sapce caft had been sending clearer imagery of the [dwarf] planet Ceres since early this year. The probe started to slow down its speed to position itself around the orbit of Ceres.

The best picture of Ceres had been taken by the Hubble Space Telescope years before Dawn reached the [dwarf] planet’s vicinity.


Ceres | Hubble Space Telescope – NASA

It was early this year when NASA released photos taken with cameras onboard the space probe as it closed by the small planet Ceres.

 Gallery Updated April 30, 2015

An unusual bright spot was rediscovered on Ceres in one of the pictures from Dawn. Further inspection would find another smaller bright spot as it shows the next image released last February 19, 2015

Ceres bright spots 02-19-2015 | Dawn – NASA/JPL

Today Dawn is in orbit around the [dwarf] planet Ceres. The follwing image was released last March 01, 2015 by NASA. As the probe orbits Ceres, the lead team hopes to obtain more data and better resolution images that helps them explain what the bright spots on the planet are.

Ceres March 01, 2015 | – NASA/JPL


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