Alarming, Ice Shelf Melting

Larsen B Ice Shelf Is Melting – NASA

Ala Khazendar, science research JPL, has presented a study that affirms the remainder of Larsen B Ice Shelf in Antarctica will met in the next few years. If that happens, glaciers would freely float on the ocean, says Khazendar. In 2002, grand part of Larsen B collapsed and broke off from Antarctica in less than six weeks.

Khazendar and his colleague, Eric Rignot, think that two of the three glaciers that are located at the Antarctica Peninsula are in danger of sliding into the sea. The glaciers supporting the Larsen B are named Leppard, Flask, and Starbuck. Starbuck’s for the most part stable, but the other two, Leppard and Flask have accelerated their movement and have decreased in size due to warming weather. Sea levels may increase if the glaciers fall into the ocean.

The study, The Evolving Instability Of the Remnant Larsen B Ice Shelf And Its Tributary Glaciers, was a collaboration between the US and Norway; authors: Ala Khazendar, Christopher P. Borstad, Bernd Scheuchl, Eric Rignot, and Helene Seroussi.

Larsen B Ice Shelf | Video: NASA/JPL

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Source: JPL / NASA