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Supermoon Eclipse Video

Supermoon Eclipse | Blood Moon | Red Moon This is Rediscovered Astronomy footage of the Supermoon Eclipse last weekend. It was filmed from a location deep in United States southwest desert. I did not use a DSLR camera, as I did not have one available at the time. The recording was mostly improvised, but I…
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Earth Rotation Animation

The Earth animation was created by J.J. Del Mar for Rediscovered Astronomy. The atmosphere of the planet was placed above the real altitude. Animation by J.J. Del Mar | Rediscovered Astronomy May 2015 Instead of using other animator’s method, I researched and studied to create my own method which has greatly improved the result. I…
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Bulge Found On Pluto

Some people have always thought there’s something fishy about [dwarf] planet Pluto. Not only is Pluto in tandem with its moon Charon, has four other moons, but now New Horizons mission discovers a mysterious bulge near the planet’s “north” pole. The following animated image was composed from a series of photos taken by New Horizons…
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Mercury, Venus, Jupiter – Skywatch May 2015

Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter Alignment | Skywatch May 2015 This May 2015 the planets Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will be in near alignment with each other. From Earth’s perspective, the alignment will be visible to the West after sunset. Mercury and Venus are in close alignment and Jupiter is a little off to the left…
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Moon, Venus, Mars Conjunction

Moon, Venus, Mars – Conjunction | February 21, 2015 The conjuction of the Moon, Venus, and Mars was highly photographed this February on the 20th of the month and on following days the two planets keep shining in the same area of the night sky. However, on Friday, February 21, 2015 the bright Venus did…
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Stargazing January 28, 2015

Skywatch for tonight includes a bright Jupiter inbetween Leo and Cancer, and Earth’s moon (Luna) in Taurus. We can’t forget how marvelous Orion looks in the northern skies during winter. Stargazing for January 28, 2015 – Image from Stellarium 2015 Rediscovered Astronomy