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Vostochny First Launch

First Launch From New Vostochny Spaceport The Russian spaceport [Cosmodrome] opened this week with the launch of a Soyuz rocket carrying three satellites. Before the construction of the Vostochny Cosmodrome all of Russia’s launches took place from the Baikonur Cosmodrome which is located inside Kazakhstan. Politically, it was imperative for Russia to have a spaceport…
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Russian Rocket, Mexican Satellite Lost

Russian Rocket Loses Satellite A Proton M type rocket that was en route to place a Mexican communications satellite was lost this weekend. The Russian Proton M rocket was launched from the Baikonur [Байқоңыр | Байконур] Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The failure occurred in the last stage of the mission previous to the release of the…
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Russian Progress Rocket Launched To ISS

Russian Progress Rocket En Route to ISS A Russian Progress M 25-M rocket was launched today to restock the International Space Station. After the explosion of the Antatres rocket yesterday, the Russian Progress rocket successfully delivered its cargo to the ISS. Russian Progress Rocket Launched to ISS – Video, RT

Is the United States At Risk Of Losing Russia’s Support In Space?

The following RT Video debates the need of a US-made large rocket engine. While being the only country that has placed man on the moon, the United States is still unable to produce an engine rocket that is powerful enough to place large cargo in orbit, leave alone man on another planet. It is in…
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