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How To Add Extra Planets To Celestia

2012 VP113 on Celestia We have been receiving questions about how to add extra planets (models) to Celestia. We listen to what our website visitors ask us, so here’s a detailed tutorial of how to add planets, comets, asteroids, etc., to Celestia. The following tutorial works for objects in our own Solar System. [The guide…
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c/2012 S1 ISON – Approach To Mars

Comet ISON is racing towards the inner solar system. This is the comet astronomers had said back in 2012 it would become “brighter than the moon”.  October 1, 2013 is when ISON begins its close approach to Mars and from there to Earth on its first approach to our planet. We will see how the…
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Comet ISON – c2012 S1

Comet ISON will approach the inner solar system late 2013. In early October 2013, ISON will be closer to Mars than it will ever be to Earth (?). Around November 27 of 2013, c2012 S1 will be orbiting around the sun and it will start its approach to Earth. Provided it is not altered by…
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