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Moon mysteries

From the enimga of its very creation to peculiar rock formations, many mysteries surround the Moon, Earth’s giant natural satellite. So pictures of the moon never get old. Here’s one picture of the moon when it starts to be overshadowed by Earth’s shape occurred during a lunar eclipse in 2019. Rediscovered Astronomy

Solar System Animations

Rediscovered Astronomy releases animations of the planets in our solar system. Well, we are meeting our goal of releasing the animations of the planets in our solar system three months ahead of schedule. The animations of the main 8 planets have been uploaded. We will upload animations of smaller bodies and dwarf planets later. The…
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Wonderful Titan

Titan Wonderful Scenes Titan is the wonderful moon of Saturn that could be a planet by its own right. NASA – ESA Cassini probe and Huygens lander have captured amazing images of the satellite that has an atmosphere thicker than Earth’s. NASA – esa released the next video of Saturn’s moon composed of images from…
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Planetary Resources To Build Public Space Telescope

Update 7-9-2013 Planetary Resources did meet the goal of raising at least 1 million dollars to start the project. Original Post Planetary Resources makes the news again with their announcement today that they plan to build a space telescope for public access. Planetary resources became known for its intent to mine asteroids, and according to…
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