Ice Age Killer

Impact crater found in Greenland | Is this the last Ice Age killer?

Video and still: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Jefferson Beck

Scientists have been wondering what caused the end of the last Ice Age. There are at least a couple of peered-reviewed theories that have shed light into the end of the last Ice Age. These scientists had postulated that it was a collision caused by the impact of a large asteroid that brough the last Ice Age to its end. However, an impact crater had not been found until now…..


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2017 Solar Eclipse USA

2017 Solar Eclipse USA

Total Solar Eclipse USA August 21, 2017


It is two weeks before the Total Solar Eclipse event of the year here in the United States. The totality will happen around noon on August 21, 2017. Where are you going to be? The following animations and charts detail the path of the eclipse and where toatality will occur in the continental United States.




Path Animation Narrated by Ernie Wright, NASA Visualization Studio




Path Animation by Ernie Wright, NASA Visualization Studio


Path showing the umbra and penumbra over the U.S.


Safety Tips, NASA Goddard



Rediscovered Astronomy

Images and animations: NASA Visualization Studio | Goddard


Mars With Clouds

Planet Mars Animation | Rediscovered Astronomy



Everyone seems obsessed with Mars and how to get us there these days. How would Mars look if it had clouds? Well, recently the Hubble Space Telescope team released a photograph of Mars with clouds. The image showed Mars in a more Earthly fashion than we have seen it before.


The following is an animation of the red planet, Mars, with Earth-like clouds in its atmosphere. The global mapping was taken from Viking’s imagery and the clouds were adjusted from an image of Earth’s clouds by NASA.


Mars With Clouds | Animation by J.J. Del Mar


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Astronomy Rediscovered

Rediscovered Astronomy

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This is how we started with our blog.


Ever since I experienced a major solar eclipse in Mexico during my childhood, my interest in astronomy grew.  Later in the decade, when I heard the statements of a world renowned astronomer about changes in our solar system, I was to say the least astonished!  Unfortunately, his radio interview was not broadcasted on the mainstream  media and it is a shame not many had the chance of paying attention. Sadly, most astronomers did not talk about it despite the fact that each one of his predictions have been confirmed and discoveries [which he had predicted] have been announced in the last decade.

Later on, I was never able to track the interview to its original source and copies of it have not been found on the web or anywhere else. So I cannot verify the identity of the astronomer.

But I have to say people at least need to be paying attention to the stars. Look up at the sky and stand in awe. Space is full of surprises.

This is an interesting educational video for several reasons.

I will let you come to your own conclusions.