Russian Rocket, Mexican Satellite Lost

Russian Rocket, Mexican Satellite Lost

Russian Rocket Loses Satellite

A Proton M type rocket that was en route to place a Mexican communications satellite was lost this weekend. The Russian Proton M rocket was launched from the Baikonur [Байқоңыр | Байконур] Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

The failure occurred in the last stage of the mission previous to the release of the satellite Centenario into orbit.

Fragments of the rocket fell in Siberia and its toxic fuel remains spread in the atmosphere, according to Russian sources.

The Centenario satellite reportedly cost between 300 and 400 USD millions to the Mexican government that will have to wait another two years for the replacement of this satellite with a new one. The Centenario communications satellite was going to be used in part to bring broad band services to remote areas in México.

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