Planetary Resources, Inc. to Mine Asteroids

It looks amazing that finally there’s someone with a vision towards the future. Planetary Resources, Inc. will officially announce April 24, 2012 their plans to mine near Earth asteroids. The company aims at getting metals that are expensive and hard to obtain on Earth such as Platinum.

Space View from ALMA

The Atacama Large Millimeter Array [ALMA] is operational and according to ESO releases its  “first” image. Good to know government space agencies and astronomers well…. keep shedding light on what’s going on in galaxies far, far away… As for me… I have to see what’s going on in my own solar backyard… see you… I mean array you……
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Awe from Wonderers’ Insides!

I am sharing this with you from looking at a video from I think it is important since astronomers are now discovering that comets, asteroids, meteorites and the like from our own solar system can in fact carry “elements of life” as we know it on our forgotten planet Earth. As astronomers in the past were…
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Wanderer from Home

A new wanderer was announced recently. Add it to the others that have been “found” the last months. Scientists say, it comes from the Oort cloud [“no surprise”]. I just hope these astronomers focus on the alleged disturber rather that on the comets it keeps sending inward towards the sun and the inner planets.

Voyagers and the Heliosphere

It turns out the space probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 will be operational to leave the heliosphere. All this time they have been operated by scientists of NASA’s JPL Lab in Pasadena, California. Well, I hope too that all this time these people from NASA have taken the opportunity to use the probes to…
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Astronomy Rediscovered

Rediscovered Astronomy The “world” wide web is full of sites about astronomy. What makes this one different from the rest?, the reader may ask. A good answer to that question is that it simply is. For once, this website won’t pretend the reader is unintelligent like the most popular websites on astronomy do. Unlike “Them”, Rediscovered Astronomy…
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