Author: J.J. Del Mar

Dawn Makes It To Ceres

NASA’s probe Dawn is approaching to Ceres. The JPL NASA team is directing the Dawn space probe to the asteroid belt [dwarf] planet Ceres. JPL released the following picture Dawn took at 383, 000 km as the probe gets close to Ceres. Ceres, JPL – NASA The JPL team said they expect to place the…
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Mars Helicopter

NASA plans to take mini helicopter to Mars NASA is looking into taking a heliciopter to scout Mars terrain. Sending the helicopter ahead the rovers to scout for destinations would be helpful for Mars rover missions. The atmosphere of the red planet is much lighter than Earth’s and the helicopter wouldn’t be as heavy there.…
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Landing Rosetta’s Philae More Challenging Than Thought

Rosetta’s Philae Landing Module European Space Agency – Jet Propulsion Laboratory joined mission to land Rosetta’s landing module Philae on comet 67P will prove to be a more challenging task than previously thought. The undertaking will be more complex than landing on a planet or even on an asteroid. The tentative date for the landing…
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Tragedy Strikes Virgin Galactic

Space Ship Two Crash Lands A failed sub-orbital flight of a Virgin Galactic spacecraft left one pilot dead and one injured. The spacecraft, Space Ship Two, had detached from its carrier plane White Knight which landed safely. Space Ship Two was supposed to achieve sub-orbital flight but the spacecraft experienced anomalies that caused it to…
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Russian Progress Rocket Launched To ISS

Russian Progress Rocket En Route to ISS A Russian Progress M 25-M rocket was launched today to restock the International Space Station. After the explosion of the Antatres rocket yesterday, the Russian Progress rocket successfully delivered its cargo to the ISS. Russian Progress Rocket Launched to ISS – Video, RT