Author: J.J. Del Mar

Moon, Venus, Mars Conjunction

Moon, Venus, Mars – Conjunction | February 21, 2015 The conjuction of the Moon, Venus, and Mars was highly photographed this February on the 20th of the month and on following days the two planets keep shining in the same area of the night sky. However, on Friday, February 21, 2015 the bright Venus did…
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Amazing Comet Soho 2875 Survives Close Encounter With the Sun

Amazing Comet Survives Close Encounter With the Sun In a video clip from SOHO’s feed, NASA captured a near Sun’s fly-by of a comet that appeared from nowhere. At least, that is what NASA is calling it since it is a non-periodic comet. The comet is the 2875th comet that SOHO’s cameras have captured, acording…
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Stargazing January 28, 2015

Skywatch for tonight includes a bright Jupiter inbetween Leo and Cancer, and Earth’s moon (Luna) in Taurus. We can’t forget how marvelous Orion looks in the northern skies during winter. Stargazing for January 28, 2015 – Image from Stellarium 2015 Rediscovered Astronomy

How To Add Extra Planets To Celestia

2012 VP113 on Celestia We have been receiving questions about how to add extra planets (models) to Celestia. We listen to what our website visitors ask us, so here’s a detailed tutorial of how to add planets, comets, asteroids, etc., to Celestia. The following tutorial works for objects in our own Solar System. [The guide…
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Sedna, 2012 VP113, And the Lost Orb Planet X

Astronomers, astrophysicists, astrobiologists, geologists, and other scientists have long looked for a Super Earth as an answer to perturbations in the orbits of the outer Solar Sytem planets. They have looked for an unknown X planet, hence “Planet X.” As a result of this search the outer Solar Sytem has been expanding its limits to…
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Sedna, 2012 VP113 y el elusivo orbe llamado Planeta X

Astrónomos, astrofísicos, astrobiólogos, geólogos y otros científicos han buscado por mucho tiempo una Súper Tierra que dé respuesta a las perturbaciones en las órbitas de los planetas del Sistema Solar exterior. Los científicos han buscado un planeta desconocido, de ahí el término “Planeta X”. Como resultado de su búsqueda, el Sistema Solar ha expandido sus…
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Wonderful Titan

Titan Wonderful Scenes Titan is the wonderful moon of Saturn that could be a planet by its own right. NASA – ESA Cassini probe and Huygens lander have captured amazing images of the satellite that has an atmosphere thicker than Earth’s. NASA – esa released the next video of Saturn’s moon composed of images from…
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Planet X May Be Out There After All

Planet X May Be Out There Planet X has made it to the headlines again. Planet X is the assumed massive planet that may be the cause of perturbations in the orbits of outer [dwarf] planets like Sedna. Space news websites such as Space dot com are now publishing this research by Carlos De La…
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