Author: J.J. Del Mar

Venus, Jupiter, and Luna Sunset

Venus, Jupiter, and Luna Sunset – July 17, 2015 The next is a series of photos taken on July 17, 2015. The three orbs put on a beautiful display around sunset that day (7-17-2015) and the following day as well. Video All photos by J.J. Del Mar © 2015  Rediscovered Astronomy

Jupiter Venus Conjunction 2015

Jupiter Venus Conjunction Well, the month of July is passing by and the planets Jupiter and Venus are getting apart in the western sky. Last June 30th, we watched as the two planets entered the closest conjunction not seen since about 2000 years. We took photos of Jupiter and Venus on June 29th and before…
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Alarming, Ice Shelf Melting By 2020

Larsen B Ice Shelf Is Melting – NASA Ala Khazendar, science research JPL, has presented a study that affirms the remainder of Larsen B Ice Shelf in Antarctica will met in the next few years. If that happens, glaciers would freely float on the ocean, says Khazendar. In 2002, grand part of Larsen B collapsed…
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Russian Rocket, Mexican Satellite Lost

Russian Rocket Loses Satellite A Proton M type rocket that was en route to place a Mexican communications satellite was lost this weekend. The Russian Proton M rocket was launched from the Baikonur [Байқоңыр | Байконур] Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The failure occurred in the last stage of the mission previous to the release of the…
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Earth Rotation Animation

The Earth animation was created by J.J. Del Mar for Rediscovered Astronomy. The atmosphere of the planet was placed above the real altitude. Animation by J.J. Del Mar | Rediscovered Astronomy May 2015 Instead of using other animator’s method, I researched and studied to create my own method which has greatly improved the result. I…
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Bulge Found On Pluto

Some people have always thought there’s something fishy about [dwarf] planet Pluto. Not only is Pluto in tandem with its moon Charon, has four other moons, but now New Horizons mission discovers a mysterious bulge near the planet’s “north” pole. The following animated image was composed from a series of photos taken by New Horizons…
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Mercury, Venus, Jupiter – Skywatch May 2015

Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter Alignment | Skywatch May 2015 This May 2015 the planets Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will be in near alignment with each other. From Earth’s perspective, the alignment will be visible to the West after sunset. Mercury and Venus are in close alignment and Jupiter is a little off to the left…
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Dawn Arrives In Ceres Orbit

Ceres April 2015 NASA/JPL Dawn NASA space probe Dawn achieved orbit around planet Ceres this Friday, March 6, 2015 as it was programmed. The sapce caft had been sending clearer imagery of the [dwarf] planet Ceres since early this year. The probe started to slow down its speed to position itself around the orbit of…
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